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Wind Damage

When people think of roof damage, wind damage isn’t typically the first thing they think of. Wind is often times a huge reason or partial cause to other types of roof damages, such as leaks, which it makes it more important that as a homeowner, you pay attention to it. If you are looking for a team to help you restore the integrity of your home with a roof wind damage repair in Branford, CT then call Amity Home Maintenance Solutions at 203-390-7399 for a free consultation.

Signs of Wind Damage

It’s true what they say, you cannot see the wind but you know it is there. The same can be said with wind damage. If you are not sure what you are looking for, damages can be a bit hard to spot. In order to help our clients understand the threat of wind damage, we have taken the time to go through the signs and potential problems that wind damage can create.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Wind can wreak havoc on shingles roofs as it applies pressure to the corners which could result in them curling. Another potential problem is that wind can even cause weakened shingles to break off and send them flying out into your yard. If you notice balds spots, curling shingles, or shingles in your yard, you know that your roof has sustained wind damage.

Debris From Wind

Strong winds can pick up debris, such as trash or broken branches/twigs and toss them onto your roof and gutters. This can dent shingles and flashing, warp gutters or clog their downspouts. The easiest way to tell if debris did damage to your roof, is to look at your gutter. If your gutter has debris, then your roof probably got struck by it as well.

Don’t Hesitate

Leaving damages to your roof unresolved leads to further damages and problems, such as leaks. It is important to get your roof repaired as soon as you notice a problem, so that you are not spending as much money on overall repairs. When it comes to roof wind damage repair in Branford, CT there is no one more trusted than Amity Home Maintenance Solutions. In addition, we are your local roof leaks specialist, gutter specialist, window leaks specialist, and exterior envelope leak specialist. Our commitment to high-quality customer service come from our desire to serve all of our client’s needs, not just their roof. For a free estimate on your home improvement or roofing service, call us at 203-390-7399.

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Replace shingles lost from improper nailing positioning, nails were too high.
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Asphalt shingle roof repair,replaced wind damaged ridge cap.
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