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A Leaking Roof

Roof leaks are a common problem for every homeowner. Roof leaks can be caused by storm damage, improper installation, and even the weakening of your roof as it ages. The damages from roof repair spread a lot farther than the roof structure itself as it can also cause water damage to the inside of your home. If you are in need of a roof leak repair in Branford, CT then look no further than the leak experts at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions.

We have been servicing roof leaks for over 35 years, and we know the best techniques to ensure that your roof leak doesn’t return. You can get in contact with us today and receive a free consultation by dialing 203-390-7399.

How Does a Roof Leak Repair Work?

All of our roof leak repair services start with a roof leak detection. We need to know exactly where the problem is in order to accurately fix it and reinforce the roof to ensure that the leak doesn’t come back. This process also helps rule out the possibility of a leak being caused by a broken pipe within your walls.

Once we have found the source of the leak, we then work to stop it by patching the leak, and then work to restore the weakened area. During our work, we also check the state of your gutter, as blockages in the pipes can lead to built up water on your roof, which can be a cause of leaks.

Dangers of Roof Leak Repair

Ignoring a leak because it doesn’t seem to be an urgent problem can be a huge mistake. Leaks that are allowed to continue eventually weaken the material on your roof, which can lead to more leaks. Eventually, this moisture begins to eat away at your ceiling and walls, causing the material to soften. This is often why many people notice staining of their ceilings and walls, as the moisture is soaking the drywall and structure underneath.

This moisture provides an invitation for mold and mildew, which then begin to grow on your walls and ceilings. This not only harms the aesthetic look of your home but it also provides many health risks, especially for those suffering with allergies and asthma. Your roof can also be a welcome area for mold to grow, as the moisture from the leak begins to travel to other areas, making a more favorable environment for mold.

You don’t want to deal with the possibility of having to replace your entire roof, because the problem has reached the point where it is unsalvageable.


Roof leaks can be prevented with the proper maintenance and care for your roof. Make sure that you get routine inspections every fall and spring, as well as after every severe storm. This will ensure that your roof is still integrally strong, and if not, allows you to get repairs before they become a problem.

When your roofing team, such as Amity Home Maintenance Solutions does an inspection of your roof, it is a good idea to get them to do an inspection of your gutter. As mentioned earlier, malfunctioning or clogged gutters allow for water to get trapped on your roof, which creates an excess of moisture that eventually finds weak spots in your roof. Replacing damaged flashing is equally important, as flashing helps guard the most valuable parts of your roof and redirects water away from it.

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If you are looking for Roof Leak Repair services in Branford, CT then call our team of experts at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions by dialing 203-390-7399. In addition, we are your local roof leaks specialist, gutter specialist, window leaks specialist, and exterior envelope leak specialist.

Joe Marchionni
Vent pipe boot leak on asphalt shingle roof. Replaced new permanent vent pipe boot
Joe Marchionni
Asphalt Shingle leak repair
Joe Marchionni
Asphalt shingle roof leak. Remove the valley put new ice and water shield new Timberline shingles
Joe Marchionni
Asphalt shingle roof leak. Remove the valley put new ice and water shield new Timberline shingles
Joe Marchionni
Asphalt shingle roof leak. Remove the valley put new ice and water shield new Timberline shingles
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