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At Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, we understand the risk that many homeowners take when starting a home improvement project. The need for reliable and accountable service is huge, as the threat of improper installation or repairs can leave a homeowner dealing with the damages on their own. This is why we have taken the time to become completely licensed and insured, not to protect out company but to protect the investment of our clients.

Guaranty Fund

The Department of Consumer Protection created the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund as a way to help homeowner’s whom have experienced poor services and increased damages from poor craftsmanship during a home improvement project with a hired contractor. In order to protect our clients further, Amity Home Maintenance Solutions has registered itself under this fund, so that we can help contribute money to aid those whom are suffering from a poor home improvement job. Not only does this allow us to further help our community but this creates a system of accountability.

A homeowner may be eligible for up to $15,000 if your home meets the following criteria:

Your Contractor Failed to Provide the Contracted Services

In order for you to even have a case, your selected contractor must have been registered with the Department of Consumer Protection at the time or two years before you signed the contract for your project. If the contractor fails to provide the services outlined in your contract, you can then appeal to the court for judgement and also apply for the funds.

The Work Was on a Residential Property

The guaranty fund only applies to residential properties, which includes multi-family dwellings such as a condo that has six units or less.

The Cost of Work Must Have Succeeded $200

Unfortunately, only cases that are $200 or more count for the guaranty fund. Anything less is considered a lost investment.

What Doesn’t Fall Under the Guaranty Fund?

No Written Arrangement or Contract

Unfortunately, cases where a written contract was not produced does not hold in a court, as it then falls on hearsay. Always make sure to get a contract written up before agreeing to services from any home improvement contractor.

Failure of Agreed Payment to the Contractor

If you agreed to pay the contract partial before the service and the rest after, and you failed to do this, then you have no case against the contractor. Always make sure you know the fine lines of your agreement before signing off on a contract.

Who Should I Turn To?

After you have resolved previous experience with a poor contractor, you are still left to repair to your home. You need a contractor who is reliable, committed to customer service, and has your needs as their main concern. If you are seeking for service in Branford, CT then turn to the trusted team at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions.

Our dedication to serving all of our clients on an individual basis has allowed us to build strong and long lasting relationships with our clients.

Client Testimony

“He provided a prompt proposal, and provided a thorough description with pictures of the work he completed. I’d definitely use him again,” – Kelly Kessel

We work with our clients from the planning stages. All of our jobs start with a free consultation, in which we discuss your needs, what you hope the finished project is going to look like, and then we set a date for an inspection of your home. After the inspection, we write up an estimate of our services, including the cost of parts and labor, and go over with you the game-plan to complete the service. Once we get the okay from you, we draw up a contract, and give you a copy, so that way you know your investment is protected. We then order parts and get started on the service, completing them in a timely fashion so that way we can honor your time. We continue working on the repairs until completion, and if you are not 110% satisfied, we keep working until the necessary changes are made to fit your ideal look.

“They were timely, efficient, and well priced. They showed up each day as scheduled and finished the job right on time. Joe will definitely be doing all of our work moving forward,” – Joel Cobden

We honor our time commitments, as we understand that your life is busy and your time extremely valuable. We make all of our appointments on time and ensure that all of your projects are completed on time and done to perfection. Our services don’t just stop once the job is completed either, we ensure that you understand that we are their to help you with all of your home improvement needs. You need more than just a contractor, you need a home improvement partner.

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, Guaranty Fund

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