Single Hung Window Repair

Single Hung Window Repair, Amity Home Maintenance Solutions

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are among the most popular windows in the United States, seconded by the double hung window. Their versatility, high durability, and easy maintenance make these windows a fantastic affordable choice for any home. If you are looking for an expert team who can help you with single hung window repair or installation in Branford, CT, then call Amity Home Maintenance Solutions. With the best brands in the trade and the highest caliber of master craftsmen, we can ensure that your windows are not only installed right but have the support necessary to surpass their projected lifespan. Give us a call at 203-390-7399 for your free estimate.

Benefits of Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows have been popular in the United States for decades, making it one of the most accessible types of windows on the market. Here are a few reasons why single hung windows could work for your home.


Due to their high demand and simple design, single hung windows are one of the most affordable window products on the market.

Energy Efficiency

Single Hung Windows boast in high energy efficiency due to the fact that they have only one operational sash. Since the window can only be opened from the bottom, the window has a less likely chance of forming a leak, and resulting in a lower energy bill. For even stronger energy efficiency, consider getting a single hung window with a higher Energy Star rating.


Single Hung Windows offer greater security as they only open from the bottom, giving only one access point into your home. Due to this, the locks on a single hung window tend to be a bit sturdier, making it harder for an intruder to break in.


Single hung windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs allowing you to better meet your home’s aesthetic needs by finding the perfect window to match your style.

Single Hung Window Repair

Single Hung Window’s are known for their sturdiness and easy maintenance, due to only having the one moving part. In addition, we are your local roof leaks specialist, gutter specialist, window leaks specialist, and exterior envelope leak specialist.If your single hung window is in need of repairs in your Branford, CT home then do not hesitate to call the window and home improvement specialists at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions at 203-390-7399.