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Energy Efficiency

A lot of homeowners are looking for ways to save money by increasing their energy efficiency. One of the newest innovations when it comes to windows is Low E Windows. Low E window installation could help you cut down on energy costs and give you the peace of mind that you are making a change to help better our environment. At Amity Home Maintenance Solutions, we have taken the time to learn more about these new windows and gain the skill it takes to install them. If you are looking for a dedicated team to help you install them on your Branford, CT home, then give us a call at 203-390-7399.

What Are Low E Windows?

Low E Stands for low emissivity, which is your window’s ability to repel heat. These types of windows are made with a thin coating that helps increase its reflective properties, keeping the warm air inside of your home during the winter and reflecting the heat from the sun during the summer. Which results in a lower energy bill and more savings for you.

Types of Low E Window Installations

Pyrolytic – This type of coating is made of tin oxide mixed with other additives and it placed directly on the glass panel during the manufacturing process, while the glass is cooling. This creates a hard thin film layer that is extremely durable and highly reflective.

Sputtered Coating – Sputtered Coating is made primarily from a thin layer of metal and another thin layer of plastic that goes onto the window during the cooling process. This type of coating is durable but you may need to make sure that the window doesn’t come in contact with too much humidity, which could damage the thin coating, causing the reflective properties to decrease.

Spectrally Selective Low E Glass – This type of E coating is typically used on tinted windows, as it helps boost the window’s ability to repel heat. In studies, this type of Low E Glass has been shown to repel up to 40-70% of infrared rays from the sun, which means that it reflects a ton of heat.

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On average, homes lose about 4% of their energy due to their windows not being sufficient in repelling heat. Though this may not seam like a large number, in energy cost terms, 4% is huge and results in a steady increase of your bill. If you are looking for a more energy efficient window in Branford, CT, then call your team of experts at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions by dialing 203-390-7399 for your free estimate on Low E Window Installation. In addition, we are your local roof leaks specialist, gutter specialist, window leaks specialist, and exterior envelope leak specialist.