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Amity Home Maintenance Solutions only offers the highest quality of vinyl siding for our clients. Vinyl siding installation offers a beautiful yet highly durable solution to your siding needs. When it comes to installing new siding on your Branford, CT home, no one is more trusted than our team of professionals. This is because we always back our work by a warranty and our commitment to customer service always ensures that we get the job done right. We have been the leading company for home improvement solutions for over 35 years, and let us show you why. Call us today at 203-390-7399 for a free estimate and consultation. 

Siding Installation and Repairs

We know we face stiff competition when it comes to siding repair in Branford, CT, but we are confident in our morals and our standards to set us above the competition. Instead of focusing on the sale, we focus on making a relationship with our clients, so we can better serve them and address their needs.

When you choose to go with our siding installations and repairs, you are gaining a team of home improvement specialists who are passionate about what they do. All of our services are backed by these standards;

Reliable Company Presence

We are always ready to answer the call to help, and we are with you every step of the way. Starting from the decision process, through the financing, and then guaranteeing that the project is done on time so that we can honor the value of your time and schedule.


All of our products and services are backed by a powerful warranty, ensuring that any damage or defect in the job gets taken care of immediately, and without cost to you.

Custom Siding Services

We understand that, just as all of your clients are different, so are the homes that they live in. This is why we offer custom siding services to meet your home’s unique needs. We work with you to find only the best option for your home and then proudly install it to ensure the safety and longevity of the product.

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To receive a free estimate on your siding installation or other home maintenance services in Branford, CT, call Amity Home Maintenance Solutions at 203-390-7399.

Joe Marchionni
Remove existing D4 vinyl siding replace new tyvek house wrap and reinstall vinyl siding
Joe Marchionni
Remove existing D4 vinyl siding replace new tyvek house wrap and reinstall vinyl siding
Joe Marchionni
Install new 1x8 rustic pine shiplap vertical siding
Joe Marchionni
Aluminum siding repair
Joe Marchionni
Vertical siding repair-refasten with exterior coated screws-caulk and paint to match existing color.
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Excellent! Joe was prompt and thorough. He and his partner, Fernando, repaired the siding on my garage after a squirrel infestation. They did a great job! They were able to re-use some of the old siding. His labor fee was reasonable. They worked hard all day, 8am to 5pm, with no breaks that I observed. Joe wanted to continue cleaning up meticulously when the job was finished, but I sent them home for an earned rest. Thank you!