Gutter Repair and Installation

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Gutter Repair and Installation

The integrity of your gutter is important to aid your roof in getting rid of excess water to avoid water damage. When your gutter begins to suffer from constant wear and tear, its ability to move water away from your home begins to fail, leaving you to clean up the mess. If you are noticing your gutters are not performing as they should on your Branford, CT home then call a team of Home Maintenance Specialists whom have been performing gutter services for over 35 years. Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is built of a team of talented and dedicated professionals who know how to get the job done right. We would be more than happy to give you a free estimate, all you have to do is call 203-390-7399 to speak with a representative today.

Gutter Installation Replacements

You can trust that the team at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions knows the ins and outs of gutters. We can easily tell when one can simply be repaired or has to be replaced. We offer a variety of gutter types for installation, such as seamless aluminum gutters, copper gutters, and custom made gutters to match any type of home style and provide the best protection. Our gutters are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and come with a lifetime warranty, protecting your budget from having to front damages.

Englert Gutters

We only use materials from the top brands in the trade, such as Englert seamless gutters.

Englert is one of the most effective and proven companies on the market. They boast being one of the largest and oldest producers of k-style aluminum gutter coils and accessories. They have two different sizes to help fit your home’s needs, 5″ and 6″ as well as downspouts that are 2″ x 3″ and 3″ x 4″.

Enlgert offers versatility with all of its k-style gutter coils, downspouts, elbows, and 30 other accessories. They produce and paint all of them in their company owned manufacturing facilities and then send them over to us. We test all of our products to ensure that they meet the highest standards before they are installed onto your home. They offer 16 different colors and materials to choose from. Their CastleClad finishes resist dirt adhesion, prevents peeling, and has greater color retention than other products on the market. They are easy to clean and moisture resistant, helping to prevent leaks.

Gutter Services and Repairs

All of our gutter repairs start with a thorough assessment, to ensure that we handle all of your gutters needs, and not just the original problem. We can also help determine if your gutter is worth repairing, or if it would be better to get a replacement. Our assessment check for the following;

  • The Gutters and Downspouts are Free of Clogs
  • Are the Gutters Properly Pitched
  • Gutter Hanger and Fasteners are Compatible With Your Soffit and Fascia.
Gutter Guards on Roof

Contact Us

If you are looking for gutter services, such repairs, or you are interested in getting on one of our gutter maintenance plans to ensure the longevity of your gutter, call the experts atĀ Amity Home Maintenance Solutions. We have been servicing gutters in theĀ Branford, CT area for over 35 years and are more than happy to help you with yours today! We are your local roof leaks specialist, gutter specialist, window leaks specialist, and exterior envelope leak specialist. Call us at 203-390-7399 for more information and a free estimate.

Joe Marchionni
Fascia Replacement with WindsorOne primed pine and new 6Kgutters to replace non functional undersized 5K gutters
Joe Marchionni
Repair 5k Aluminum gutter dettached from the fascia. Removed spikes and installed screws.
Joe Marchionni
Repair 5k Aluminum gutter dettached from the fascia. Removed spikes and installed screws.
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