How Do You Know If Your Chimney Needs to Be Cleaned?

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Getting Your Home Ready for Cooler Weather

When the weather starts to cool down, there is no greater feeling than starting a fire and cozying up next to it. This is a quintessential fall scene that most homeowners can’t wait to take part in, but there are risks associated with using a fireplace. Most notably being chimney fires. If you haven’t been taking care of your chimney during the year, then you may face several problems come winter. Schedule time for chimney maintenance in Branford, CT with Amity Home Maintenance Solutions today. Dial 203-390-7399 to get started. 

Chimney Maintenance

The Importance of Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance

Is chimney cleaning and maintenance really important? The short answer is, yes. Yes, taking care of every aspect of your home, including the chimney, is important to your seasonal living. We won’t say it’s not important to your daily life, because you more than likely won’t be using your fireplace and chimney every single day of the year. However, once the weather starts to get colder, you will likely want to use your fireplace to warm your home. If you haven’t had professional chimney maintenance and repair, then your home could be at risk for fire.

So what happens when you don’t clean your chimney? There are a few problems that could be the result of that neglect. There could be issues with deposits and debris buildup, structural damage, and more. When you do consistently use your fireplace and chimney, there will be a build-up of soot and tar. These two produce the smoke, gas, and fog that you associate with fires. When that soot and tar build-up, there is a greater chance for chimney fires. If there is something wrong with the flue or any kind of structural damage, you could also face smoke buildup and even carbon monoxide poisoning, if your chimney is completely obstructed.

You won’t be able to determine if there is something wrong with your chimney with just residential roofing services or inspections. You’ll need to take the time and invest in a professional chimney inspection. That being said, there are a few tips that you yourself can take part in to maintain your chimney year-round as well as during those colder months.

Chimney Maintenance Tips

Living in working in our area, we know just how cold the winter months can get. If you’ve got a fireplace in your home, of course you’re going to want to light a fire and cozy up next to it. The problem is, if you haven’t been taking proper care of the fireplace or chimney, you could be setting yourself up for disaster. Rather than wait to find out the hard way if things are okay, start now with some easy chimney maintenance tips. 

  • Useable Damper: A fireplace damper is possibly one of the most unsung heroes of the home. During the summer months, the damper should be closed to keep out drafts, birds, and rodents. If your damper isn’t closing properly, it will reflect in your energy bills. Additionally, when it does come time to use the fireplace, always make sure the damper is open. 
  • Waterproof: One of the biggest problems that some may have during the winter months is moisture. If your chimney isn’t waterproof, you may not be able to get a flame going. More than that, it’s a sign of a serious leak that needs to be addressed. 
  • Professional Sweeping/Cleaning: Probably the best maintenance tip we can suggest is to have your chimney and fireplace professionally swept. It’s best to schedule this at least once a year, right before the weather gets really cold. 
  • Inspection: On top of having your chimney cleaned once a year, it’s best to also have the whole structure inspected at least once a year as well. Doing so will help to find any exterior cracks or breaks with the bricks or find any internal damage. This is highly-encouraged to prevent major problems from occurring. 

While you can purchase your own chimney cleaning equipment, these tools won’t be able to determine if there is any structural damage. For that, you’ll need home repair services in Branford, CT to correct that. As we’ve already discussed, there are several things you can do to maintain your chimney. However, there comes a point when you should seek help from the experts, like those at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often do you need to clean your chimney?
    • This will all depend on your fireplace and how often you’re planning on using it. That being said, the National Fire Protection Association says that you should have your chimney, fireplaces, and vents should be checked at least once a year. 
  • Do you need to clean your chimney every year?
    • Yes, according to the National Fire Protection Association your chimney, fireplace, and vents need to be checked at least once a year. Doing so will ensure that can problematic collections and deposits will be cleared so you meet clearance standards. 
  • What happens if you don’t clean your chimney?
    • The soot and tar which naturally form the smoke, gases, and fogs that naturally occur during a fire. When a chimney is clogged, tar can quickly build up and trigger a chimney fire. If there are problems with the chimney flue or other aspects of the feature, then you can experience real problems. 
  • How common are chimney fires?
    • Unfortunately, chimney fires happen every single year. At this time, these fires account for 25,000 fires almost every year. They are more common than they should be because too many homeowners neglect or forget to have their chimney checked before they start using it. 
  • Can you sweep your own chimney?
    • While you can, technically, clean your own chimney, it is not highly encouraged. There are several things that can go wrong, but there is also a lot that you may not think about. Instead, it’s better to rely on the experts that will cover every detail and ensure that every aspect of your chimney is cleared.
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