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Busy House Painter Painting the Trim And Shutters of A Home

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Home painting and design is a fun area to impart on as it adds a sense of flair to a home. Yet home painting is also essential in order to protect the walls of the interior and exterior of a home as well. Essentially there are a number of home painting ideas that can be implemented on a home to provide a splash of color or a layer of protection. Be sure to get into touch with your local home painting company to see where you can start. Be sure to do your research as to what home painting may be right for you. Until then, here are some home painting tips and general bits of information that can assist you on your journey of starting and completing a home painting project.

How often shoud you paint inside your house?

Home painting with the interior of your home should ideally be done every 5 to 7 years in order to protect the walls from wear. 

Why painting your house is important?

Home painting will not only add an aesthetic appeal to your property but it will also character and personality as well. The paint will act as a primary defense against damages associated with insects, weather and other damages so in a sense home painting is essential for home maintenance.

Why is paint used?

Home painting will protect the structures of buildings from the natural wear of the sun and damages caused by water infiltration. With materials such as wood, for example, the coats of paint will stop the infiltration of water into the wood which would make it rot. Another protection home painting provides is that it would assist the wood from drying out in the sun.

What is the best time to paint house exterior?

Home painting the exterior of a property is best done in the fall or spring seasons as outside temperatures and conditions is more moderate. It’s best to avoid weather that takes too much on each side of being too cold or hot. A good temperature range to keep in mind is around 50℉ to 85℉.

Painter Man at Work With a Paint Roller, Color Samples and Ladder

How do you paint a house?

  • Pressure Wash Walls
  • Repair Surface Damage
  • Remove Loose Paint
  • Caulk Trim
  • Prime Stains
  • Protect Doors, Lights, Windows
  • Paint Exterior
  • Parent Trim and Doors

How do you paint interior walls of a house?

With home painting interior walls there are several tools and steps that you can choose to follow for a job well done. Some tools include a dustsheet, paint, paintbrushes, paint roller and tray, decorators tape, filler, step ladder,  paint scrapper, stain block (optional) and sugar soap (optional.) First, you will clear the room of any furniture, for those pieces that can’t be removed be sure to cover them with a dust sheet to protect them from paint splatter. Also, make sure to put dust sheets over the floor or any other surface you’d like to remain clean as well. Next, use decorators tape to mask off the edge of light fitting and skirting boards to protect them from paint splatter. Wash the walls with sugar soap and rinse with water and a  soft sponge afterward. This optional step will help to achieve a smoother finish. Next, fill any cracks or holes on the walls with a filler and sand down the surface until it’s smooth. If there are any stains like crayons, wear a mask and goggles before applying stain blocks to the surface. You may need five or six coats to stop crayons from bleeding into the emulsion. If the walls are newly plastered apply matte white emulsion first so it can soak into the wall before applying colored paint. Then start painting with a brush to coat in the edges of the walls such as corners, skirting, areas where the walls meet the ceilings, borders of light fixtures and more. Start at top areas and work your way down. Afterward, use a roller to coat the main areas of the wall, start from the corners and work your way in. Roller the paint roller from the bottom up and make sure the roller is covered well in the paint. Leave coat to dry overnight and apply a second coat if needed. When the paint is completely dry remove the strips of decorators paint slowly to avoid chipping the paint.

How much does it cost to paint the interior of a 2500 house?

The interior of a 2500 home painting job will typically run around $4,000 for the exterior including labor and materials and 5,500 for the interior of the home is two-story.

Contact A Professional

If you have any questions regarding home painting or would like to begin a home painting project be sure to get in touch with a professional. They will be able to inspect the dimensions, conditions, and specifications of your home to determine where to begin and discuss painting options with you. For assistance with other areas of your home like home tv and computer services in Huntington Station, NY be sure to contact the necessary avenues of services. Home painting is a great way to provide an attractive aesthetic and protect the walls of your home.

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