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Leak Detection Specialists

Leaks are one of the worse issues that homeowners might see in their homes. Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is available to repair leaks no matter where it starts, including your roof, windows, or chimney. We have trained technicians available to locate even the most difficult-to-reach leaks in your home. After a leak has been located, we make all necessary repairs and preventative measures to prevent a future leak. We do all of this in order to protect your home from further water damage. If you are need of leak detection and repair in Milford, CT, call us today at 203-390-7399. Our team will have leaks repaired in no time!

We Repair All Types of Leaks

Roof Leaks

Protect your home from storm damage. Torn shingles and cracks in the roof can cause leaks to form.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are typically caused by a plumbing issue underneath the house. We can find slab leaks and repair them quickly!

Window Leaks

Older windows in your home can allow moisture or leaks to occur. Sealing the windows, or replacing them keeps your home insulated and leak free.

Gutter Leaks

If your gutters are damaged, they may need repairs to stop leaks. Our technicians can find damage and repair it to stop any leaks in your gutters.

Siding Leak

Siding failure can result in many home issues, including insulation problem and leaks within your walls. We detect leaks and get homes waterproofed fast!

Chimney Leaks

There are many areas around the chimney that are susceptible to leaks. We stop potential leaks with thorough inspection and flashing replacement!

Structural Leaks

Get in touch with us if you suspect there could be a leak in your home’s walls. You can prevent damage caused by leaks by acting quickly.

Skylight Leaks

Skylight sealing can wear and allow leaks into your home. We can inspect and seal them to deter moisture.

How Are Leaks Located?

1. Camera Inspection

Plumbing camera inspection can be used to identify if and where a plumbing leak exists in the water pipeline.

2. Pressure Test

To isolate the location of a leak in plumbing, a pressure test can be done.

3. Digital Noise Filter

Pinpointing the exact spot of a leak is simple with the use of digital devices to isolate outside noise and find the leak.

4. Thermal Imaging

With infrared technology, we can locate a leak through concentrations of moisture anywhere in your home.
For all of your leak repair needs in Milford, CT, reach out to the experts at Amity Home Maintenance Solutions when you dial 203-390-7399. We will answer the call quickly and ensure that the leak will not take another moment away from your daily life. Our repertoire includes being a roof leaks specialist, a gutter specialist, a window leaks specialist, and an exterior envelope leak specialist.
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Roof leak repair
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Roof leak
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Roof leak
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Cedar siding leak and roof repair
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