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Home Improvement Specialists, Amity Home Maintenance Solutions

Over 40 Years of Diversified Experience

Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is a fully-insured and licensed exterior residential home improvement company servicing Branford, CT, and surrounding areas. Our business model and workmanship are derived from over 40 years of diverse experience, dedication, and passion to acquire valuable skill sets within the building construction and building materials sectors.

We at Amity are certified installers of various major manufacturers of roofing and siding products. We are a fully licensed and insured establishment with certificates of liability and workers’ compensation available upon request. Our repertoire includes being a roof leaks specialist, a gutter specialist, a window leaks specialist, and an exterior envelope leak specialist.

Our staff understands the importance of delivering high quality roofing, siding, decking, windows & doors, etc. services and the benefits your home will endure. When you commit to working with Amity, our professionalism and customer communication experience precede our competition.

Welcome to Amity Home Maintenance Solutions – we know you’ll find the services you’re looking for!

Core Values

Amity’s customer philosophy is to provide and deliver our transparent service platform to meet and or exceed the customer’s expectations experience.

Management process is a streamlined communication system designed to accommodate projects of any size.  Project management communication is key to a happy customer!

Integrated customer relationship management service providing the customer simplified options to inquire, contact, and or schedule an appointment for their project.

Time Is Valuable-Communication Is Key-Solutions Come Easy!  Our unique business model promotes a simplified and stress-free experience when you partner with Amity Home Maintenance Solutions.

Yearning desire to promote quality products and services to ensure consumers enjoy a highly desirable customer experience.  Identify and define the maintenance issues, and provide a detailed SOLUTION for years to come!


Amity Home Maintenance Solutions ownership has displayed outstanding commitment to customer service over the last three decades servicing Consumers, Architects, and Builders with their residential projects.  We believe that your time is valuable and communication is key to providing you with solutions for your small or large projects. 

Most important, your residence is a valuable investment and protecting your investments are key when deciding on the right contractor.  Amity Home Maintenance Solutions provides General Liability and Workers Compensation to avoid financial liability.

Amity simplifies your appointment process by utilizing our integrated online scheduling platform. Once you schedule an appointment in our calendar, your appointment is then automatically added to your calendar. Our scheduling process allows you to create up to three different reminders that can be triggered at set times before the meeting. Reminders can be delivered via email, text message, or a combination of both. 

Our projects are managed through a highly efficient project and customer relationship management system. We provide a detailed scope of work to include all materials by manufacturer and associated material and labor warranties in our proposal.  You have the option to utilize our electronic signature service to complete contracts in a timely fashion.

Every project conducted by Amity Home Maintenance Solutions is managed by the Owner from inception to completion.  We adhere to start and completion dates per our contractual terms, to ensure your customer experience is pleasurable.  Once the project is completed, a project inspection is scheduled by the Owner with the customer to review and discuss the completed project.  Product and Labor warranties when applicable, are reviewed and registered onsite.  Amity Home Maintenance Solutions strongly believes we make the difference when selecting the RIGHT Contractor, NOT the RIGHT PRICE!

Providing You a Home That Lasts

Personalized Approach

No two homeowners are the same. We understand that each prospect has unique needs, and we are more than open to know them. Amity Home Maintenance Solutions  collaborates with you in every phase of your home project. Most importantly, we don’t finish the job until you’re satisfied with the results.

Strong Warranties

The last thing we want is for area homeowners to lose confidence in our materials and workmanship. Because we work closely with leading manufacturers, we can assure you of long warranties on all our products – from roofing to gutter protection.

You’re also covered against issues in installation. However, with our licensed and trained professionals, workmanship errors are less likely to happen.

Financing Options

If you are in need of a roof replacement or other home improvement services, we can give you the assistance you need through our financing partner. We know how frustrating and risky it can be to wait until you have enough cash to fix your house.

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When it comes to service, Amity Home Maintenance Solutions makes sure that you are its number one priority, as we understand that you are the heart of our business. Our commitment to our core values is what has set up apart from the competition and made us the leading home improvement company throughout the entire Branford, CT area. Call us today for a consultation on your next home improvement project by dialing 203-390-7399.